Tanki Online Description

Tanki Online — Massively Multiplayer Online Action Game based on Adobe Flash technology. Players fight each other online, earning money and advancing their careers. There are many armors, weapons and bonuses available. Players create deathmatch or team battles, and communicate with each other to achieve their goals.

Enter the Game
After the first entrance you are supposed to wait. The initial number of files of the game “weighs” about 20Mb. While you’re waiting, bring yourself some tea or coffee, you’ll need it, for sure. Further on the files will be kept on your computer (in the so-called “cache”) and the game will load quickly. Remember to install the new version of Flash-Player.


In the Garage you can acquire these: first-aid set, nitrous accelerator shot and armour intensifier. To activate them you should press buttons 1,2,3 or 4 during the battle. 1 – first-aid set, 2 – armour, 3 – intensified shot, 4 – nitrous. NOTE: You can’t goto Garage from the battle and return without losing the collected points.

One IMPORTANT trick to surive after lying on one sideway
Sometimes, your tank will turn over or be lying on one sideway. How to avoid becoming a maneuvering target? Considering two variants: If the tank is lying on it’s sideway and is equipped with output weapons (Smoky, Fear Machine), you can shoot to the side into the floor. If you fail ask your team’s players for help. If they also fail to help, press Del for self-destruction (it will be activated not straight away). If you have light frame and Smokey gun, you can considerably lessen the chance of turning over while jumping from precipice. For that you only have to make a shot directing it to the side of falling.

The Battle Modes
There are three types of battle:
1.Deathmatch – everyone fights for himself. In this mode you play against all the rest players. Goal – to be tougher than anyone else.
2.Team deathmatch – team vs another team. To be the first in the general score you have to shoot as much players as possible from the foe-team.
3.Capture the flag (CTF) – the teams steal each other’s flags and take them “home” to the base.

Every player has a rank. It gives you an opportunity to buy certain guns, as well as honour and respect.

There is score system which enables you to form your current rank. The number of points added for the destruction is varied from 1 to 20. To get 20 points for one destruction you have to kill an enemy who has a rank which is much higher than yours. In the left upper corner there is an icon (indicating info about your current rank) and the bar with two figures divided with a slash in the left part of it. To the left there is a figure indicating current number of points, to the right – number of points you have to collect in order to get promoted.

There is a common chat for those who “sits” in the list of battles or Garage. Every battle has inner chat which is activated with Enter button. And you could press Ctrl+Enter or T button to send a message to the players of your team only.


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