• United States Abigail “Misty” Briarton was a car mechanic and often thinks of herself as superior to all the other characters leaving suggest she narcissistic, especially Samuel, who she often insults. However, she is very fond of Marlton. She favors automatic weapons and dislikes semi-automatic weapons. Misty also seems to have a fondness for shotguns. She is playable in the Zombie mode, TranZit. She is voiced by Stephanie Lemelin.
  • United States Marlton Johnson is a Caucasian man in his twenties. He wears a white collared shirt, blue jeans, and glasses. His actions and quotes in-game classify him as your typical “nerd” and Marlton has a very high view of himself, as he references the fact that he is an “indisputable genius” which sound like also another narcissistic like Abigail Briarton. He is voiced by Scott Menville.
  • United States Samuel J. Stuhlinger is a somewhat overweight Caucasian man with a mustache and wears a green vest, khaki shorts, and glasses. He is incredibly paranoid and often suggesting that simple occurrences, such as running low on ammunition, are linked to a conspiracy of some sorts. He is also the only character in the map that is able to hear Richtofen. He suggest suffersSchizophrenia. He also likes food, especially cheese. He is voiced by David Boat.
  • United States Russman is an elderly African-American man with white hair, wearing a brown trench coat and jeans. He comments on the thunder storm that appears after the power is turned on, often as a bad omen or unnatural. And Russman has multiple diseases, one of which is Alzheimer’s and arthritis. He is voiced by Keith Szarabajka.
  • Nazi Germany Edward Richtofen is a sociopath and a sadistic Nazi scientist who was a playable character in Call of Duty: Black Ops and is the main antagonist. Richtofen worked under Ludvig Maxis in Group 935. As his progress slowed due to Maxis’ involvement, he decided it was time to act for the betterment of Group 935 and kill Dr. Maxis. During a teleporter test, Edward locked Maxis and his daughter, Samantha, in a room with Fluffy, the first Hellhound, in an attempt to kill them, but they both escaped and were teleported to the Black Ops Zombies map Moon. In Moon, he successfully switched bodies with Samantha, the one controlling the zombies, to take control of the zombies himself. He is voiced by Nolan North.
  • Nazi Germany Ludvig Maxis was the lead scientist part of the project known as “Der Riese” and was the father of Samantha Maxis. The player can discover information about him after activating hidden radios. He was the leader of Group 935, aiding in the creation of the Hellhounds and Zombies. Maxis never physically appears in game, but can be heard on several radio/films reels and occasionally while in the teleporter. He is voiced by Fred Tatasciore.
  • (Unknown) T.E.D.D. (Technically Elaborate Driving Droid) is a robot introduced in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. He is a character in the Zombies mode TranZit, and drives the “Bloodhound” bus which transports the characters across the map. While he cheerfully greets the players when they enter the bus, he will become angry if attacked and will attempt to throw the offenders off the bus.

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