NPCs (Non-Player Characters) And Others

NPCs (Non-Player Characters) And Others

  • United States Anderson a female USAF FA38 pilot who appears in the level “Cordis Die”. After providing close air support for Section and Bosworth her fighter is hit and she crashes near a presidential convoy, but is rescued as she bleeds out. It is possible for her to die if the ambulance she is in is destroyed.
  • United States Mark McKnight is a sniper and friend of Mason and Woods who appears in the level “Suffer with Me” when the two men arrive at his house in Panama on the night of the 1989 invasion, and later provides sniper overwatch during the operation. His fate is unknown.
  • Nicaragua Jose Luiz Menendez is the father of Raul and Josefina, who at a time was the head of the Menendez Cartel and known as the “untouchable drug lord of Nicaragua”. He was killed in a CIA authorized assassination mission, forcing his son Raul to take over as head of the Cartel.
  • Pakistan ISI Leader is the commander of the Inter-Services Intelligence in 2025. He only appears in the mission “Fallen Angel”, talking to Menendez.
  • United States Cmdr. King is the commander of the JSOC forces at FOB Spectre in India. He can be heard talking to Section and Briggs in the opening cutscene of the Strike Force mission “FOB Spectre”.
  • United States Samuels is a Secret Service agent in and is seen in the level “Cordis Die”. Under normal circumstances, he plays a minor role in the mission, but if Harper was killed in a prior mission, he will gain a much larger role in the level.
  • United States President Marion Bosworth is the president of the United States of America as of 2025, and the first female president of the series. David Mason is assigned to protect and assist in evacuating her when Los Angeles comes under attack by hostile drones hacked by Raul Menendez. She is portrayed by actress Cira Larkin.
  • United States David Petraeus is based on the former CIA director of the same name. In 2025, Petraeus is the Secretary of Defense of the United States of America, serving under President Bosworth. He is voiced by Jim Meskimen. The game’s script was written before the scandal of him having an extramarital affair with his biographer on November 9, 2012, which led to his resignation from the CIA.
  • United States Jones is a Secret Service agent in Call of Duty: Black Ops II seen in the level “Cordis Die.”. He is voiced by Ken Lally.
  • United States Johnson is a U.S. Government agent in Call of Duty: Black Ops II in the level “Cordis Die”.
  • United States Oliver L. North is a retired United States Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel who assisted in the production of Call of Duty: Black Ops II and makes a minor appearance in the campaign.
  • Angola Jonas Savimbi was an Angolan political leader and is present during the 1986 during the Angolan Civil War. He appears in the mission Pyrrhic Victory, where he leads his UNITA forces against the enemy MPLA forces. He constantly encourages his men to kill as many MPLA as possible. Once the MLPA forces are dispersed, Hudson arrives with a helicopter on the battlefield. Savimbi gives intel on Woods’ location and points Hudson and Mason in the right direction. Savimbi then appears at the end of the level with a MI-24 Hind, fighting back the Cuban forces that attack Mason, Woods and Hudson as they escape. He is voiced by Robert Wisdom.
  • United States Erik Breighner is a Magnetometrist from Tacitus Corporation. He was hired by Menendez in Myanmar, to analyze the Celerium, a new rare Earth element which Erik claims “will render all existing microchip technologies obsolete.” He was discovered by Mason and his team and gave him the Celerium before he was killed.
  • China Premier Chen is the Premier of China in 2025, were the country was the largest owner of Rare-Earth Mineral in the entire world, until a cyber attack crippled the Chinese Economy, which Chen blamed it on the US after Cordis Die leaked the information to them, which Frank Woods said was not true but people believed in the information instead of the US since no-one believed them. This action led of the approval of the SDC (Strategic Defense Coalition), with Tian-Zhao leading the organization. Depending on the player’s action in the Strike Force missions, if the players succeed; China and the United States become allies and Chen will send SDC forces to defend the USS Barack Obama from drone attacks and assist US forces against Menendez’s Mercenary forces, securing a US-China alliance, with countries like Russia, India, Afghanistan and Iran also assisting. If the player fails the Strike Force mission, then Chen will end diplomatic ties with the US after a drone attack hit most Chinese cities. He is voiced by James Hong.
  • Afghanistan Mullah Rahmaan is the leader of the Mujahideen, and made a deal with Jason Hudson, that if he, Mason and Woods helped the Mujahideen defend their base, he will give intel on Raul Menendez. After the team defends the Mujahideen base and interrogates Lev Kravchenko, Rahmaan will betray Woods, Mason, and Hudson and leave them in the desert to die.
  • Soviet Union Viktor Reznov (Russian: Виктор Резнов) is a former soldier of the Red Army and a friend of Alex Mason. He appeared in the mission “Old Wounds”, where, after the Mujaheddin fighters finish fighting a Soviet assault on their base in a fierce battle, Kravchenko attacks in a tank and Mason hears Reznov ordering him to kill Kravchenko. After stopping Kravchenko’s attack, Mason continues hearing Reznov tell him that Kravchenko must die, causing Mason to attempt to kill Kravchenko. After Mason and Woods are betrayed by Rahmaan and left in the desert to die, Reznov appears, riding up on horseback. He then dismounts and helps Mason by offering him a drink of water. However, this is an illusion to only Mason, due to Mason’s brainwashing in the first game. Reznov actually died early in the first game. He is voiced by Gary Oldman.
  •  Nicaragua Josefina Menendez was the sister of Raul Menendez. In 1973, she and her brother, Raul, were trapped inside a barn that was torched by an American for insurance scam; the fire horrifically burned and disfigured her. Josefina became Raul’s purpose of living and being very well taken care of for the rest of her life until September 25, 1986, where an outraged Woods threw a grenade which was knocked off course by Mason so as not to kill Hudson and Raul but instead bounced into the room which Josefina was in. Raul broke free and chased the grenade inside the room. Josefina died in the explosion, but Raul survived and managed to escape with the help of Noriega. Josefina’s death fueled Raul’s desire to take vengeance on America and, to a more personal level, Woods and Mason.
  • United States Jimmy Kimmel is an American comedian, and television host of the show Jimmy Kimmel Live! and makes a cameo in the ending of Call of Duty: Black Ops II, which depending on the action of the player, if Chloe Lynch survives and decoded the Celerium worm then she appears as a guest on his show. But if Chloe is killed, then Jimmy will mention that he invited Menendez to appear in the show but turned down due to an anniversary. He is voiced by himself.
  • United States Jennifer Hudson the wife of Jason Hudson. She is briefly mentioned by him as he preps Mason for the mission to Angola, stating that David can stay with her while Mason is gone.
  • United States Col. Kurtz a colonel who appears at the end of the game in the “good” ending, with Chloe Lynch watching Menedez’s virus spread over the United States and the world, but when he makes a request for the president, Chloe tells him to “screw off” and simply terminates the virus in an instant.
  • United States Agent Smith a Spec Ops unit leader who is trapped in an overturned vehicle in downtown Los Angeles, in the level ‘Cordis Die’. The player can free him and his unit if they have the Access Kit perk.

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